Plagiarism detection

When reviewing the article the editorial board of the journal checks the manuscript using Antiplagiat, Advego Plagiatus, eTXT Antiplagiat, iThenticate and other anti-plagiarism programs. Should multiple borrowings be detected, the editorial board is to operate in accordance with the COPE rules.

The authors must ensure that the results of the study in the submitted manuscript are completely original. Borrowed fragments or statements must be made with a mandatory indication of their author(s) and source of borrowing. Excessive borrowing, as well as plagiarism in any form, is unethical and unacceptable.

It is necessary to recognize the contribution of all persons who influenced the course of the study to a certain extent; in particular, the paper must contain references to the works that were of any significance to the study.

No duplication of publications is allowed. In case certain elements of the manuscript have already been published, then the author must refer to their earlier work and indicate the differences between the new study and previous one.