Author Guidelines

Dear Author!

For paper publication in the journal In the World of Scientific Discoveries submit correctly performed manuscript with all the accompanying documents through PERSONAL ACCOUNT online.

Article title should be meaningful, non-standard or uncommon abbreviations should be avoided.

Key words list should reflect the subject matter of research. It is unacceptable to use general terms (e.g. problem, decision) which are not the specific characteristics of the publication.

Abstract provided by the author should be extended. Volume: minimum 950 and maximum 1800 characters (including spaces). Abstract should summarize the purpose of the paper, its novelty, main results.

Typical abstract structure:

  • Background;
  • Materials and/or methods;
  • Results;
  • Conclusion.

Methods in abstract are only listed. Results are described highly accurately and meaningfully. Main theoretical and experimental results, actual data, detected relations and common factors are provided. Upon that new results and findings are preferred which in the author's opinion are of practical importance. Limits of accuracy and reliability of data should be pointed out. Findings can come with recommendations, assessments, suggestion proposed in the article.

Full paper should be structured in sections. Structure of the full paper presenting results of the original research should meet common standards and contain the following sections: introduction (relevance), purpose and objectives, materials and methods, results, conclusion, discussion.

Additional information

Conflict of Interest. All authors are requested to disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest regarding the manuscript. Conflict of interest is considered to be any situation (including financial relationships, employment or work in organizations having financial or political interest in the submitted materials, work-related duties, etc.) that could inappropriately influence the author of the manuscript and lead to data concealment, deviation or misinterpretation. Conflict of interest is not the reason for refusal to publish the article. Although, in case editorial staff reveals any actual or potential conflict of interest that has been withheld by authors, they may refuse to consider and publish the manuscript.

Sponsorship Information. It is required to identify the sources of financial support for the research studies, as well as for the publication process of the article (fund, commercial or state organization, private person, etc.). It is not required to specify the amount of financing.

Acknowledgments. All people and organizations other than authors may be acknowledged for their contribution to publication of the article in the journal.

References. Bibliographic references (post-article reference list) should be listed from new line each in numerical order. For more detailed rules of referencing please visit our special section «Referencing guide».

Tables should be inserted in the text of the article, have numbered heading and well-shaped columns, convenient and clear for reading. Data in tables should correspond to numbers in the text, but they shouldn’t duplicate its information. Ensure that all tables are mentioned in the text.

Figures should be contrast and sharp. Each figure should be placed in the text and followed by numbered descriptive captions below. Ensure that all figures are mentioned in the text.

Accompanying documents. Submitting the manuscript to the Editorial office it is also necessary to upload files with scanned copies of filled and attested accompanying documents (preferred as *.pdf, *.jpg files). Accompanying documents include cover letter from author’s place of employment with the seal and CEO signature, as well as all co-authors’ signatures (for each organization mentioned in the manuscript separate cover letter is required).

Filling of on-line form. For successful articles indexing in national and international databases while submitting manuscripts through PERSONAL ACCOUNT it is required to fill in the detailed metadata (name of the organization where authors of the manuscript are employed, detailed information about their place of work and position held, manuscript title, abstract, key words, name of the sponsoring organization).

Articles which don’t meet the submission requirements won’t be accepted for consideration.